One Woman’s War

Jean Ceiriog Jones’ Time In The Women’s Land Army

Jean Ceiriog Jones was 15 years old when war broke out in 1939. She experienced many aspects of wartime life in Buckinghamshire and kindly shared her memories with us.

Jean was still at school at the outbreak of war. She was asked to help with the incoming evacuee children from London. She recalls a chaotic scene at the train station, with children stood, gas masks around their necks, gripping onto small suitcases. Some were crying, others had faces full of fear and worry. Jean helped with the allocation of these children to local families and then continued to work in the evacuation office at her local town hall.

Because of the newcomers, her school soon had too many children to teach. In response the school allocated the mornings to the evacuees and the afternoons to the local children. This gave Jean the opportunity to continue her evacuation work in the mornings before school.

The day after the evacuation at Dunkirk, Jean arrived at the town hall to find troops lining the corridors. The soldiers looked tired, disheveled and some had vacant expressions, just sitting on the bare concrete floors.

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